New solar responsive residence

The office I consult with, Serena Sturm Architects in Chicago, has recently completed two solar responsive residential projects, one in MT and the other in NY. My role in these projects has been design architect and net zero energy strategist. The MT project features a nicely designed solar hallway that serves as a solar energy collector during the cold months and is properly shaded in the summer months to avoid unwanted gains. This net zero energy home is going to be monitored for energy consumption over the next several years. A photo of the solar hallway details is included here.

LGH South Layering


The house in NY is remarkable in that it is also a net zero energy home and due to its orientation challenges. Occupying a site that is 45 degrees off of normal and sloping toward a major lake, the building was rotated 45 degrees to allow for exposure to the cardinal directions. This allowed the south sloping roofs to be designed with unisolar infill panels between the standing seams of the roofing material for a seamless BIPV approach. We expect this house to perform well and achieve net neutrality even though it is three stories, and also is being monitored for energy consumption.